Vinyl Cutter Buying Tips | 5 Sneaky Ways To Get One of The Best

vinyl cutter buying tips

Vinyl Cutter Buying Tips: So you might be someone who is interested in buying one of the best vinyl cutters on the market in the upcoming days. While vinyl cutters have come a long way with multiple makers producing amazing models, the sad fact is that they still tend to leave a hole in our pockets.

Well, I guess that is the price we pay for our love. While we do not mind to shell out a few extra bucks for a vinyl cutter for some excellent features, it would not hurt if we actively look out for ways to save a few bucks through discounts and such.

So how exactly can we buy one of the best vinyl cutters in the market for a lower price? Well, there are many ways to do that. For that we need to plan our purchase well, wait for the right offer and count on a bit of a luck too so that the makers may offer discounts on our desired models.

A potential buyer can achieve a price cut in many ways. We have listed some of the most common ways through which you can get the same machine for less than the market price. Hopefully, the ideas will work out for the most of you people reading this.

vinyl cutter buying tips


I am sure you all are familiar with this site. Amazon is the largest e-commerce store in the world generating millions and millions of sale every brief period of time. The best part, however, is the range of discounts that they provide.

Almost all the best vinyl cutters in the market are available for purchase on this site and guess what? Most are priced lower than what they would charge at stores or other sites too. Amazon achieves this lower prices through their discounts which in the case is possible as they buy in large units from manufacturers to cut down costs.

The best part, however, is that the leading vinyl cutter makers in the market such as USCutter, Silhouette, etc. have authorized accounts in and they sell authentic products too through their accounts. You get the same privileges like warranty and after sales service if you buy from them just like what you will get if you bought from an authorized store.

Amazon is honestly the best bet out there. Not only are the products cheaper but this is a reliable platform too. Moreover, the website is packed with information like product details and user reviews that will only help you to make smarter and better purchase decisions.


Coupon sites are your next best bet to land a discount on the purchase price of a vinyl cutter. Every day thousands and thousands of women flock to coupon sites to fetch cost-saving deals on products ranging from household items to furniture to fashion items.

Vinyl cutter makers make sure to make their presence known on such sites as well. If you keep a regular eye on leading coupon sites like Groupon, etc. you would easily notice some amazing deals on USCutter products and other products from other brands like those from Silhouette, etc.

It is all about timing at the end of the day. You can’t control what sort of discounts makers would offer at any point of time and more importantly on which products they will offer the discount. The best you could do is consistently check such sites for great deals.

Coupon sites are not the only place to fetch coupons. Sometimes, makers offer coupons on their official sites too. They do this mainly to boost online orders and subsequent sales. Do make it a point to check the official websites of USCutter and other makers time to time before you eventually swipe the credit card to bring home a vinyl cutter.


This is not exactly a discount or such but buying bundles instead of purchasing several items separately can result in huge savings. Most makers of vinyl cutters put up bundles for sale too apart from solely selling vinyl cutting machines. Let me give you an idea how bundles work.

Ideally, when you order a vinyl cutter, all you get is the machine and a software to use the machine with at most. In bundles, the makers offer you items like cutting mats, better blades to cut thicker materials apart from default blades and other items such as rolls, tapes, etc.

If all those items would cost you $500 if bought separately, the bundle would cost you only $400.So yes, although they are not discounts, bundles can be a great way to save money.

Special Events

The top brands in the market have a tendency of coming up with special discounts on selected items on those special occasions like Mother’s Day, Women’s Day, etc. If such an event is around the corner as per the calendar, I would suggest that you pause your purchase attempt for a while. Who knows, you might be able to fetch a winning deal so bear with patience a little.


Did you know that the top vinyl cutter makers in the market send out newsletters on a periodic basis to its readers who have signed up for it? Well, they do. Several craft websites and blogs do it too. All you have to do is visit the websites and look for the section that offers people to sign up for their newsletters.

In most cases, you will not have to search for signing up yourself. Usually, a page pops up when you visit sites which asks you to put in your email address and name.You should keep an eye on such newsletters as they often carry discount offers and coupon codes.

Not to mention, you will gather a lot of crafting wisdom from reading such newsletters too.

Wrap Up

Those are 5 of the safest and most common ways we know through which users of all skill levels can fetch attractive discount offers to save on their big purchases. As I mentioned earlier, fetching a great deal requires good planning and a bit of luck as well.

While there is no harm in looking out for discounts, just make sure that you are buying from credible sources. The market is not short of crooks who lure people to buy defective items too. Always and always buy from authorized sellers or through a company’s own website or store.

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