Vinyl Cutter Warranty | Things You Need To Know About It

vinyl cutter warranty

Vinyl Cutter Warranty: The best vinyl cutters in the market cost a few hundred bucks. Needless to say, they leave a big hole in our bank accounts when we eventually decide to go for one. What can we do, we’ve been cursed with expensive hobbies, after all, just kidding!

Sure, vinyl cutters can cost a bit too much. But if bought correctly, they do tend to provide superior performance and that also over a long period of time. While there is no way to avoid shelling out a bit extra in cash, we should actively look for ways to safeguard our investment.

How can we do this? Well, the least we could do is buy models whose manufacturers offer a good warranty program for its buyers. Let’s have a look at the warranty programs of the three leading brands in the market namely Silhouette, USCutter, and Cricut.


Silhouette has produced some of the best vinyl cutters available in the market. Their illustrious product portfolio includes the likes of Cameo Series, Portrait Series among others. So what exactly is this leading brand like when it comes to after sales service?

The general period of warranty for all Silhouette products is 1 year. That is the period during which Silhouette is open to changing hardware items sold by them in event of them appearing to be faulty. What does hardware comprise of when Silhouette mentions this term?

Under Silhouette’s policy hardware includes the cutting machine, the power cable, and the USD chord. If any of them appear to be defective and faulty with no fault of the owner involved, then the company will change it for the owner and provide a functioning one within a period of 1 full year since registration.

The Silhouette Customer Support team can be contacted easily via the Internet or phone.

In terms of software, Silhouette offers customer support to its customers for the entirety of their life with no valid expiration date in place. A nice gesture isn’t it?


When one hears Cricut’s name, it inevitably brings along with it the names of its leading models such as its Explore Air Series, Cricut Maker, etc. Cricut’s warranty policy is the same as the average industry standard which is 1 year.

However, how Cricut handles consumer complaints differs from one event to another. If products are found faulty, Cricut reserves the right to handle the situation in four ways. They can replace the faulty product with a brand new product or one that has a similar shelf life and state compared to the unit that is being replaced.

They can repair the faulty parts or replace it too without charging the customer. Lastly, if all else fails, they will provide a price refund to the customer.

However, the warranty policy entails that the products have a genuine fault and are not subject to damage or misuse by the customer.

Cricut’s warranty policy covers the vinyl cutting machine only and does not cover other consumable items and tools such as blades, cutting strips, etc.


Among all the leading brands, USCutter probably has the worst warranty program. The standard warranty period for their products is usually 3 months. Customers can go for an extended warranty period of 1 year too however that has to be bought separately for a particular price which was $79.99 as of April 2018.

If parts of the vinyl cutter appear to be faulty and defective, USCutter will replace it with a brand new part or a refurbished one that is certified to function properly. Warranty for their software disc is also 90 Days. In case of a faulty disc, USCutter will provide a channel to the customer to digitally download the software.

If the unit is over 30 days old, then USCutter reserves the right to replace with a refurbished one instead of simply providing a brand new unit.

USCutter’s warranty policy only covers the unit and its parts. The warranty program does not cover consumable items that may have been brought separately or came along with the cutter. In case of a damaged delivery, USCutter expects to be informed within 30 days of purchase. The warranty, expectedly so, will not be applicable if damage to the products is a result of neglect and misuse by the customer.

So that was a brief overview of the warranty policy from the top 3 vinyl cutter brands in the market. Ideally, 1 year is a good enough period. In most cases, faults in a cutter are detected within the first month of use. So, if one needs their unit to be replaced, one year is a good enough time.


However, as your well-wishers, we would hope that you never need to avail the warranty policy at all. There are a few guidelines we would like our readers to follow. This will ensure that they never fall into any big loophole that usually causes manufacturers to refuse warranty claims. They are as follows:


Always buy from authorized stores: We can’t stress this point enough. Always and always avoid general stores across the street and make sure to buy from authorized stores or their websites. If you want to buy at discounted prices, always use Amazon but make sure to buy from the manufacturer’s account.

Thankfully, most manufacturers sell directly from Amazon. Very often we buy from shady stores to get lower prices only to find out that we can’t avail warranty or so anymore.


I understand. You bought your new cutter only a while ago and you forgot to register your product from sheer excitement. However, this should not be the case. The discrepancy in product registration dates and purchase dates can sometimes be the reason for manufacturers to dismiss your warranty claims. Thus, it is better to be safe than sorry.


So often, we ended up losing our warranty cards and happening to not find them when we needed them the most. Our golden advice? Register the product as soon as you receive your shipment, fill up the warranty card and keep it safely in one of those drawers of your closet where you store your most essential things. This way, you can be sure to find your card when you need it the most.

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