Vinyl Cutting for Beginners | 4 Solid Reasons To Get Serious With Your Craft

Vinyl Cutting for Beginners

vinyl cutting for beginners: If you have landed on this article, chances are that you have already wondered by now regarding what it would be like to have a home-based decal business. Truth be told, this is one business idea we highly recommend to all the crafters out there who have a penchant for vinyl related craftwork.

At Fully Reviewed, we would consider it one of our biggest achievements if we are able to push someone to turn something they love into their profession, be it part-time or full-time.

So why should you consider starting a home-based decal business? There are so many options that a person can take up to make money. Why decals in particular? Well, there are several reasons why we would highly encourage decals business to those who are already into vinyl based craftwork.

If you’re in need of reasons and some inspiration, read away the reasons we have listed below.

1. Opportunity to Turn Passion into Play

For many of us budding crafters, vinyl cutters are already our go-to place as a hobby and having fun. We have already worked around with vinyl decals as part of our personal projects. So turning this into a full-time gig would not require us to go through a big mental journey. It is already something we are in love with.

Very few people on earth are privileged enough to make their passion into a source of income for themselves. Here, we have been blessed with the opportunity to do so. Plus, work feels a lot less like work when it is related to something we love doing.

And when we are already familiar with the machines, the designs and the common practices, starting up a new business only gets easier.

There is still a lot of work left but hey! Crafting with vinyl cutters rarely ever felt like work, isn’t it?

2. Low Start-Up Cost

We must mention firstly that ‘low’ is a rather relative term whose meaning might vary from person to person. Setting up a home-based decal business requires much less money compared to other businesses. However, it still does require money.

But the good news is that you might probably own some of the essential items already. For instance, it is more than likely that you own a computer already. Apart from that, you would be needed a vinyl cutter. You necessarily don’t need a commercial cutter straight away.

One can make pretty great designs with a desktop cutter from Silhouette or Cricut if they want to. Check our list of the best vinyl cutters in the market by clicking here. Don’t forget to read our vinyl cutter reviews thoroughly in case you are planning to purchase a cutter anytime soon.

We recommend that you scale up to a commercial cutter from Graphtec or another brand only when you feel that you’ve got some solid order streams coming up for you. And eventually, when the number of work increases, you will need a cutter that can handle large orders and save time.

Apart from all that, you would be needing a scanner, printer, a good software along with Illustrator and the essential tools and supplies like vinyl rolls, cutting mats, squeegees, masking tape and a few other items.

3. There is always demand for it

There was demand for vinyl-based decals in the past and guess what? There will always be demand for it in the upcoming future too. I don’t really see vinyl decals going out of trend anytime soon really.Sit down and make a quick note perhaps to jot down the most common customers who look for purchasing vinyl decals.

Who are the kind of people you can make your vinyl cutter work for? As long as you have one of the best vinyl cutters in the market, you can make vinyl decals that can be put up anywhere be it helmets, backpacks, jars, iPads, laptops or even smartphones.

Vinyl decals are used heavily at weddings, shows, and events too. If you have good designs that meet the needs of your customers, you could very well end up selling in bulk to corporate houses, event planners or individuals who need them for their wedding.

And that is not all. In fact, we can go on and on over the kind of people who might need to buy vinyl decals. Consider schools and teachers who might need decals in big lots. Then there are the boutiques in your local area too. If you think a bit more creatively, you yourself would be able to come up with a lot of potential customers too.

4. The Immense Power of Internet

Craft makers have one big advantage today that none of our mothers or the people before they were able to exploit. The Internet, of course. The internet today has made it possible for us to exhibit our work to people and organizations miles and miles away from the comfort of our rooms.

If you do end up starting your own decals business, do not forget to set up your own blog apart from maintaining a page in social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook. Pinterest is a great place to come in contact with other craft makers and you can be sure to meet a lot of other decal business owners there.

Facebook advertising should be high up on your list. It is cheap, it allows you to target the sort of individuals you would like to show your work to and it is pretty easy to learn and execute as well.

And online stores like Etsy should be part of your initial plans too. Sites like these have brought fortune for a lot of crafters out there. This is basically a site where craft makers can list their handmade items for exhibition and sale to the site visitors in exchange for a fee charged by the site.

Etsy is the biggest when it comes to online sites for craft makers. It is not as simple as it sounds as you will have to work towards optimizing your listings to draw buyers. But you get the concept right?

Wrap Up

Those were 4 of the biggest reasons why we feel that more and more craft makers out there should strongly consider starting a home-based decal business. When love reigns supreme, all other drawbacks tend to take the backseat.

Staring a new business is hectic and will involve a lot of work and learning in the first few months. You will struggle and you will fail in the beginning. But as long as you love doing craft work with vinyl, you will get through.

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